Behind the scenes

A Look Into Design

Creating Art Last week we looked at the words on paper and opened conversation about Playwrights. Taking a step further onto the stage from behind the scenes, the art of set design is our focus this week. Creating the world in which a show takes place, set design is...

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A Playwrights Guide

A little helping hand READ & WATCH You may have always wanted to become a playwright or perhaps you become a playwright through the performance route, realising that the written word was more appealing. No matter how you have arrived, you may feel lost as to where to...

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Frankly Sinatra

The life of Frankly Sinatra One man's journey Stephen Triffitt’s story is one of how a humble salesman from Weston, who sung his way to the top and became the living embodiment of Frank Sinatra. Today, he is arguably the number one Frank Sinatra tribute act on the...

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1st December: World Aids Day End the stigma. Every year since 1988, December 1st has been a day that raises awareness and support for HIV in the form of 'World AIDS Day'. Bringing people together from around the world to raise awareness and unite in the fight against...

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