Performing ‘The Lexicon Of Love II’ album

Performing ‘The Lexicon Of Love II’ album

A mere 34 years since the release of one of the landmark albums of the 80s, ABC return to the scene of their most resounding triumph with the May 27th release of ‘The Lexicon Of Love II’ on the Virgin EMI label.

To follow its release ABC will be touring across the UK this October and be performing the iconic debut album ‘The Lexicon Of Love’ in its entirety plus all the greatest hits and tracks from ‘The Lexicon Of Love II’ including BBC Radio 2 A listed single Viva Love.

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Sonically doffing its cap to the original, ‘The Lexicon of Love II’ features 10 brand new songs from the pen of ABC kingpin Martin Fry abetted by various musical cohorts. It might take a less innocent, more experienced view on affairs of the heart than its million selling predecessor, but it still concludes that all you need is love. Martin Fry said:

“We performed a show at the Albert Hall a couple of years ago to mark the 30th anniversary of The Lexicon of Love. It struck me there and then that it was time to make a sequel. To explore those themes once again and to look at love through the eyes of a man in later life. Now the years have passed, my perspective on life and love has changed. I wanted to make an album that reflected that.”

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